The EIC proposes a dangerously understaffed and underfunded Police Dept. How can we ensure we are adequately protected?


There are 329 Edgemont residents with Commuter Parking Permits and at best a maximum of 264 potential Parking Spaces, even if the highly dubious opinion of the EIC can be litigated successfully. 

Swimming and Tennis will be lost for our community at A.F. Veteran Park. The EIC has budgeted ZERO dollars for replacement. These services are utilized by hundreds of our neighbors, the Edgemont Day Camp, EHS JV Tennis Team and others.

The EIC plan omits Ambulance Transport and BLS in its entirety. Who will ensure our life safety?


A new Edgemont Village would need to pay 26% of Greenburgh’s existing and historic Debt and Liabilities, while losing our share of millions of dollars of Assets, accumulated over decades. Does this make any fiscal sense?


The EIC presents a flawed and unattainable budget, fraught with service reductions. We will not know the provider, service level or cost of any service, prior to a referendum vote!


The EIC claim that local control will significantly alter Land Use decisions is incorrect. NYS Land Use Law severely limits the discretion of Planning and Zoning Boards, as does the State Environmental Review and Quality Act (SEQRA). What are we gaining?

The EIC under-projects the staffing and salary requirements needed to effectively and efficiently administer the Village. Projecting one under-salaried, financial professional to oversee and manage a $17,500,000 Village Budget is extremely risky! 

The EIC plan for the DPW would present a dramatic reduction of service. How often would our roads be plowed and repaired?


The EIC proposes contracting with an outside private vendor, placing in jeopardy the jobs of DPW staff who we know well, can trust and who have provided excellent service to our families for decades.